So I started my list a bit late…

Don’t let that stop you from checking out some very good ways to keep from breaking the bank this holiday season.  Actually, most of us aren’t breaking the bank this time of year…quite the opposite:  we’re lining the pockets of the credit card companies while we break ourselves…but I digress…
Between now and Christmas Day Impact Zones! will be discussing how we can hold onto more of our money and still have a very merry Christmas.
#9 (we’re counting backwards):  MAKE A GIFT
With all the parties, white-elephant gift swaps, teachers, BFFs….you get the picture…you’ll go broke.  So why not save a few bucks and make something for a fraction of the price it would take you to buy something?  You can even make it a fun family activity, which is closer than a trip to the mall to the true meaning of the season anyway. Jenni and Alyssa spent time together  just before Thanksgiving making these cute crafts and had a blast…
 photo (5)
Ok, you say your not very creative.  With social media, magazines, and 1k channels on cable there’s no lack of inspiration.
Sorry…next excuse…
                         Not very talented?  Take a look at what I made during craft time…it’s a tree topper…
photo (4)
Ok, so maybe I buy the “lack of talent” part…then be sure to see tomorrow’s suggestion for keeping more of your money during the Christmas shopping season.
– John
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