#8 – Go Somewhere Instead of Giving Something

I don’t know how it is with you, but in my world we are so busy living our lives sometimes we forget exactly what life should be about.  Add to that the fact that we live scattered to the wind, and it’s a formula for disconnection.  So, if given the choice between a store-bought gift and the gift of time I choose the later.  There is no more important gift that you can give anyone than the gift of time.  Time is so finite….once it’s gone it’s gone.  There’s so much competing for how we spend each minute; so, when we choose to spend it with each other that’s a gift of great value.  This year instead of a store bought gift give someone the gift of time…undivided attention…they are your PM (person of the moment) and what you are doing is the AM (activity of the moment).  It’s not about money.  It’s about investing in something that will deliver much more than a financial ROI:  a relationship.


Now having said that, if you choose to spend time with me in the brand new Lambo you just surprised me with….no complaints….:)

Join us for #7 tomorrow.

#9 – Make something instead of buy something

#8 – Go somewhere instead of giving something





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