I could write forever on this, but….more doesn’t necessarily mean better.

We live in a society where meal portions could feed three people in another country; SUVs are all the rage even though we can’t afford the gas; and, the bigger the house the better…right?  No!  It’s not right.  Quality and quantity are not two sides of the same coin.  Quality is a trait….quantity an amount. If it’s expensive it’s better.  Right?  Once again a definitive “NO!”  As we shop for our friends and family spend some planning time asking yourself what they would really enjoy receiving.    If you do your homework, and you are honest throughout the process, you’ll discover that often times the most appreciated gift isn’t the  “-est” of anything.

#9 – Make Something Instead of buying something

#8 – Go Somewhere instead of buying something

#7 – More Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Better

– John




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