Real Christmas Savings

Real Christmas Savings

It’s Dec. 21, the Mayans were obviously misunderstood, and life goes on; so, let’s start to wrap up our 9 Days of Christmas list.

When I was a kid I loved going to that closet in my Grandmother’s house in Montgomery.  In the the garage door…through the kitchen…down the hall…first room on the right…door on the right.  This was the vault that held the treasure of the ages.  King Tut had nothing on THE closet.  This is where Nana kept the Christmas presents she bought throughout the year.  Yep…she bought for Christmas all year long.  If she saw something in June she knew someone would like she would buy it, store it, and give it in due time.  I think that’s a great idea.  This allowed her to disperse her expenditures over a longer period, thus minimizing the immediate impact of the cash outflow.  In short, she didn’t spend all her money at once.  Just be careful:  this can easily lead to spending A LOT more money than you would normally.  You still need a plan (see yesterday’s post), but this approach, within a plan, can remove a lot of holiday stress from your bank account, and thus from you.

…and speaking of plans…here’s another great tip:  accrue for Christmas.  Set this up as a line item in your budget.  Take a little each period, place it in a savings account, a jar, your mattress, wherever.  The key here is that you don’t allow yourself to use this money for everyday incidentals; otherwise, you’re defeating the purpose.

Be sure to join me Monday for the TOP WAY TO CELEBRATE THE 9 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS WITHOUT GOING BROKE!  Monday’s post will mention the key to it all!!

– John




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