How about planning?

How about planning?

How often do we procrastinate…put that decision off until the last minute…defer that unfavorable task until we have no option but to do it…wait until we can wait no longer? Well procrastinators of the world take heart!! There may indeed be some virtue in waiting until the last minute to do something. Think about it: The interval in between gives one the opportunity to gather new information so a more informed decision may be made…it allows us more time to plan and prepare….and it gives you more time to enlist the proper help of others. Ahhhhhh!!!! But as Shakespeare would have said, “There’s the rub.” (granted…a phrase that probably translated better in his day). In the truest since procrastination is taking the Scarlett O’hara approach, “[sigh], I’ll think about it tomorrow”. Of course tomorrow never comes, so we never think about it…not until we are forced to. There is a sound middle ground however. That space of time between knowing about it and doing it….that’s planning time. That’s preparation time. Planning is a high-leverage activity that allows you to see the end before you even start, allows you to determine the time and resources you will need, and allows you to gather your wits before you start on whatever it is you’re about to do. Abraham Lincoln is quoted as once saying, “”Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” Abe understood how counterproductive and frustrating it would be to try to chop a tree down with a dull ax; but, he also didn’t just sit there avoiding the tree and trying not to think about the job at hand. So what’s on your agenda to do? Don’t feel you need to rush into it…spend some planning time…know what resources you need, assemble your help…and when the time comes you will know you are ready and you will have the confidence to tackle the job head-on.


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