CaptureMany times those of us who are in visible leadership positions do not allow ourselves the opportunity to…how shall I say it…be real.  There’s always the poker face…the façade that instills confidence in the ones we lead, coach, pastor…

But does that really build credibility, or does it accomplish the opposite?

I once read that if you are hurting all the time you can’t help hurting people.  I agree.  People who are looking for support and ministry will seek such from those that they trust are able and willing to provide it.

But they also want to receive from someone who has been there…someone who is real…someone who understands exactly where they are.

For the professional it’s a tight tope.  The line between being real and being too real.  One that is often hard to find, and even harder to walk.  But it’s a line that must be established, and lived.  One that’s based in real life experience: founded in our own growth patterns.  Thus pulling our leadership from the tomes of the academic to the land of the living.  Take guard against being too transparent as we must lead from a position of strength; but often strength is perfected in weakness.

So, maybe we shouldn’t practice what we preach as much as preach what we’ve practiced.

Make Life Happen!


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