untitledHappy Valentine’s Day!!  The day we set aside to let those closest to us (or those we want close to us…wink) to know how much we love them.

As a kid I remember taking a shoebox to school the week of V-Day so I could decorate it in preparation for using it as an impromptu mailbox….picking out just the right valentines cards….putting my classmates’ names on the cards (of course reserving the coolest for those most deserving)…class being preempted by the big party, exchanging cards…taking my box home so my parents could see the loot….and my father pulling out all the cards from girls and making that Woooooo! sound as he pointed his finger at me as he twisted it.  GOOD TIMES!

I just want to take a second to remind you that you don’t need a special day to recognize the most special relationships in your life.  Work hard….study hard…do the things you need to do to get ahead; but, never at the expense of neglecting your core relationships. 

Einstein once said, “Concentrate less on being a success and more on being of value.” 

IQ and perfected skills can make you successful.  Your ability to grow and nurture healthy relationships will make you of value.

So…you should probably get off the computer, tablet, or smartphone and start making Valentine’s Day special.






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