What’s Your Dream…everybody’s got a dream

While not my typical genre of movie, Pretty Woman has an early scene that has always stuck with me.  This question is posed again at the end of the movie…What’s your dream?


I’m convinced you’ve got one.  For some of us it may be something we think about every day.  For others, it’s buried deep inside.  But I know you have one.  So, here’s the real question: “What are you going to do about it?”.

I’ve known no more frustrated people than those who dream big dreams, but never do anything to realize them.  Unfortunately that’s most of us.  And here’s the sad part:  no one ascribes to be average, but without a dream that’s what’s left.  Average inspires nothing.  No one strives to be “average”.  Dreams are about more:  having more, knowing more, BEING MORE!

So what’s your dream, but more importantly, what are you doing to make it happen?

Go write the great American novel.  Hike the Appalachian Trail.  Organize the garage.  Whatever your dream….GO DO IT!

–  John

Actuate LLC, Independent Professional Life Coach




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